Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Children with Anodontia

As your children get older, you might be tempted to take them in to a cosmetic dentist to whiten their teeth a little bit, reshape long or chipped teeth, or even put veneers on permanent teeth. However, you should talk to your pediatric dentist before having any cosmetic procedures performed. The best reason to perform cosmetic dentistry procedures on children and adolescents is because they have a genetic need for it—such as anodontia.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Children Born With Anodontia

A genetic disorder known as anodontia is something children are born with. Anodontia is the absence of teeth. If any of your children were born with this condition, all of their baby and permanent teeth will be missing. Oligodontia or hypodontia are similar conditions, however, not all teeth are absent with these conditions. Cosmetic dentistry plays a big role in the treatment of genetically missing teeth. Treatment options for these problems include:

  • Overdentures: Overdentures are a set of false teeth that attach to existing teeth. They are used to cover the gaps between teeth without the use of invasive action, which could damage a child's developing jaw. They also keep the oral ridge from collapsing and causing more dental problems.
  • Full Dentures: If all the teeth are missing, full dentures are used to keep the shape of gums and enable your child to perform normal actions, such as talking and eating with ease.
  • Crowns: Crowns are a good choice if your children only have a few missing teeth. They are caps placed to conceal a single tooth. They help preserve the space between teeth and prevent existing teeth from becoming misaligned.
  • Implants: Dental implants consist of prosthetic roots drilled into the gums in which fake teeth then screw into. They are the most permanent option. While implants are a good choice for replacing missing teeth, however, you should consult with both your pediatric and cosmetic dentists before starting this procedure. In young children, implants can impede natural oral growth. It is best to wait until late adolescence to have implants placed.

If any of your children are born with anodontia, you will need to consult a pediatric dentist at a clinic like Kids Dental Tree to find out when to start treating it. Treatment is a form of cosmetic dentistry, and is one of the only times cosmetic dentistry should be considered for them. Otherwise, it is best to wait until the oral cavity has finished developing to perform cosmetic dentistry work.