Three Common Sources Of Tooth Decay

Your teeth need more attention than just simple brushing and flossing. In reality, there are several things that you do throughout the day that cause more harm to your teeth than you may think. Consuming excessive amounts of sugar plays an obvious role in every day dental problems. However, things like pregnancy and eating too many apples can also play a role in the damage to your teeth.

Below is a list of the most common and seemingly innocent activities that can harm your teeth more than you may have thought:


Pregnancy causing many changes to your body, including your teeth. The added amounts of estrogen and progesterone will weaken your teeth. If you are not careful and do not properly care for your teeth, they will become inflamed and gingivitis may develop. To prevent this from happening, you must take regular brushing and flossing very seriously. Adding mouth wash to your daily dental routine will also help protect your teeth from decay.

A common symptom of pregnancy is vomiting. Because vomit is high in acid, it can damage the enamel of your teeth. Though vomiting during this fragile time can be difficult to avoid, there are ways to protect your teeth from the high amounts of acid. Before or after every time you vomit, you can simply rinse your mouth with a baking soda solution. Baking soda will shield your teeth from the acid.

Eating Apples

Apples are healthy in moderation. The high levels of acid that are found in apples can cause decay and strip the enamel to your teeth if you eat too many without brushing. Once the enamel in your teeth is damaged, your teeth will become more susceptible to tooth decay and gingivitis.

To protect your teeth from the acid that is found in apples, simply limit the amount that you consume everyday. After you have eaten an apple, rinse your mouth thoroughly with cool water. The water will help to prevent decay and protect your mouth from gum disease.

Whitening Your Teeth

It could be tempting to whitening your teeth to prefect your smile. However, if you whitening your teeth too often it can cause your gums to become sensitive. Once your gums become sensitive, your teeth become more susceptible to cavities and disease. These treatments are very abrasive on the surface of your teeth and can cause them to erode.

If you are looking for a way to whiten your teeth without the damage, use ingredients that are found around your home. Making a toothpaste with baking soda will help whiten your teeth without damage and ruining your smile.

There are several things that can harm your teeth that are obvious to stay away from. However, there are other things that damage our teeth that might not be as obvious. By taking the necessary precautions to protect your teeth, you can prevent gingivitis and be on your way to a healthier smile. To learn more, contact a company like with any questions or concerns you have.