Dealing With A Gap? 2 Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions That Don’t Involve Braces

Do you hate staring at that unsightly gap between your two front teeth? In addition to making your smile look disjointed, that gap might also be a magnet for food grime and may create a whistling noise when you talk. If you can't stand the idea of full-blown adult braces, you might be tempted to live with your imperfection forever. Fortunately, your dentist might be able to offer these two solutions that don't involve braces:

1: Orthodontic Appliances

You might not like the idea of wearing metal braces, but how would you feel about wearing an orthodontic appliance overnight? Here are a few orthodontic devices that might pull that gap together while you sleep:

  • Dental Bands: If you only have one little gap, it might be hard to imagine slapping braces on all of your teeth. However, dental bands are elastic devices that you can wrap around your teeth at night to slowly pull together that gap. Dental bands are inexpensive, costing around $75 for a box of 100 bands. Also, dental bands work quickly—permanently closing gaps in as little as 60 days.
  • Retainers: Dental bands might work great for a single gap, but if you have other dental problems, a custom retainer might be better for you. Retainers are custom designed to fit your mouth and teeth, so that your dentist can pull teeth back into place.

Overnight orthodontic appliances are also a great option for people who are embarrassed about dental repairs, or who can't stand the thought of eating with an oral appliance in place.

2: Dental Bonding

If you aren't interested in physically moving your teeth together, but you don't like that gap, dental bonding might be right for you. Dental bonding is a tooth-colored resin material that can be added to teeth to change their shape. To create a natural looking appearance, dentists can slide a sheet of plastic between your teeth and then apply bonding to each touching tooth. After the plastic is removed and your teeth are polished, your teeth will look like they met naturally in the middle. If you are worried about the resin looking natural, you shouldn't be. Bonding agents can be dyed to match your teeth perfectly, so nobody will suspect a dental repair.  

To get help with your dental gap, make an appointment with your cosmetic dentist today. After he or she evaluates your smile, they will recommend the treatment option that matches your budget, your lifestyle, and your preferences. For more information, contact a clinic like MyoTech Dental & Implant Center.