Debating To Pull Or Save A Back Molar? When To Just Pull The Tooth

If you have broken a tooth and you have a lot of pain or you are in pain because you think you have a bad cavity, you'll want to look into the options to get the tooth extracted. If the tooth is a back molar and you don't think you need to replace it, or if you don't want to worry about having a tooth that may need more work in the future, extracting it may be the most affordable option. Here are a few times when you may want to just pull the tooth instead of repair it.

It's Broken Below the Gum Line

If the tooth is broken below the gum line, you may just want to have it extracted, instead of trying to get a crown to cover the open space comfortably. It may not be possible to cover the tooth correctly. Instead, extracting the tooth completely can help the gum tissue heal from the break and may be a better option.

A Root Canal Is Needed

If you already know you need a root canal performed and you think that it would be best to pull the tooth, instead of having to replace the root canal in the future potentially several times, then you'll want to just have the tooth extracted. You can have the tooth pulled and won't have to worry about future decay and rotting, which caused the original need for a root canal.

You Want an Implant

If you think you want an implant instead of a bridge or having other cosmetic work done, then you want to talk with your dentist about having the tooth pulled. They may recommend you to an oral surgeon right away to get sized for the tooth, and so you can have the implant fused to the bone when you have the original tooth extracted.

There are a lot of complications that can occur with a tooth when it's cracked or chipped, when it's got a lot of decay and needs a filling, or when it needs a root canal. If you don't want to deal with those hassles, you'll want to go ahead and have the tooth extracted. If you know that pulling the tooth isn't going to cause any cosmetic issues or concerns and that you don't think you would be bothered by losing a molar in the back of your mouth, just have the dentist extract it.