3 Awesome Invisalign Accessories You Need Today

While undergoing Invisalign treatment, you can improve the efficiency of the treatment process, and boost your comfort levels, by investing in a few key accessories. With this orthodontic treatment, you will need to wear the aligners for up to 22 hours each day for a year or more. During this time, you may notice difficulties with removing and replacing the trays while remaining comfortable and satisfied with the process. The three following accessories can help to completely eliminate the challenges associated with this orthodontic treatment option.

Orthodontic Wax

Since the aligners are designed to put pressure on your teeth to move them into a healthy position, your gums may feel sore and irritated from prolonged direct contact with the trays. The gum irritation tends to lessen as your mouth adjusts to the pressure, only to return after switching to the next aligner in the series. To lessen this irritation, you can pad sensitive areas with a small amount of orthodontic wax. Simply press the wax strips around the tray edges to give your gums a cushion that will decrease soreness.

Aligner Chews

When you press the aligner tray onto your teeth with your thumbs, you may notice a gap along the areas that need treatment most. If you fail to press the aligner in good enough, the trays cannot push and pull your teeth into a proper alignment. To ensure you always enjoy a great fit, you can bite down on aligner chews after placing the trays back over your teeth. You will need to bite down on the chew along each section of your teeth, starting with the molars and moving toward the front of your mouth, to securely position the trays.  

Removal Tool

Trying to pull out your aligners with your fingers to eat a meal or brush your teeth can feel like an impossibility at times. Make this process a breeze by carrying a hooked removal tool with you at all times. The hook gently releases the edge of the aligner to allow you to pop the tray off your teeth with a single movement. Since this tool usually comes in a large pack, you can stash a removal tool in your bathroom, car, and bag to make sure you always have one on hand.

Making The Most Of Your Invisalign Experience

When you utilize these accessories, you actively make the most of your Invisalign experience. If you need assistance finding additional support, talk with an orthodontist from a clinic like Waterford Dental during a routine checkup. Your orthodontist can help you troubleshoot any issues that arise, so you can feel satisfied and comfortable throughout the entire treatment process.