A Guide To The Use Of A Stainless Steel Crown On Your Child’s Primary Teeth

If you're concerned about the presence of a large cavity in your young child's teeth and either a standard filling has not failed or is not an appropriate choice due to the extent of the damage, your dentist is likely to suggest the use of a stainless steel crown. While some people may tell you that maintaining the health and usability of those first teeth is not important, the truth is that they can play an enormous role in your child's long-term health. In addition, it is important to note that stainless steel crowns are frequently very helpful if your son or daughter has required pulpal therapy on the tooth in question. When you need to know the facts about the use and benefits of a stainless steel crown on your child's baby tooth, it is a good idea to consider the following information.

Missing One Baby Tooth Can Have A Big Impact

One of the most common mistakes that even the the most concerned parent can make it to assume that pulling a badly decayed primary teeth is a good choice, since eventually the child will lose that tooth anyway. The truth is that primary teeth serve a variety of purposes, as previously mentioned. For instance, children learn to speak and their vocabulary expands largely through repetition and mimicry. That ability can be compromised if a tooth is gone, as explained below.

Understanding Your Child's Future When She Or He Has A Stainless Steel Crown

When a young child has an imperfect smile due to one or more missing teeth, there is the possibility of them not being able to pronounce some words or sounds properly, resulting in a speech impediment that could bane your son or daughter for years. In addition, baby teeth are known to set a type of pattern for the adult teeth to later follow and when one is missing, the remaining primary teeth will frequently move around.

As a result, the adult teeth will often come in crooked. Therefore, it is usually best to preserve the damaged tooth by removing the decay and then covering it with a stainless steel crown. If the tooth is too damaged to maintain its structural integrity, the stainless steel crown will do so. 

In conclusion, your child's primary teeth will often do much more than just allow them to eat and smile. Specifically, the position they maintain within the child's jaw sets the pattern for appropriately sized adult teeth and developing adequate speech. Therefore, you should be aware of the factual information listed above when you are making crucial decisions about your child's dental care.

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