A Checklist to Use Before You Send Your Child to a Sleepover When They Have Braces

Children are getting braces on their teeth at young ages. The braces are designed to help fix an issue that they have with their smile, but they have to be properly cared for if they are going to work as effectively as they can. While you and your child may be very diligent about taking the proper approach to their braces when your child is at your home, there are times when they may go to a friend's house to spend the night. When this happens, use the checklist below to ensure the parents of the house where your child will be staying know what needs to be done to take care of your child's braces.

Be Sure to Specify What Things Your Child Cannot Eat

Before your child leaves to spend the night at their friend's house, it is important to let their parents know what things your child can and cannot eat because of their braces. Sticky foods, gum, chewy candy, and popcorn should all be avoided when your child has braces. These items can get stuck their braces and damage them.

Be Sure to Specify What Things Your Child Cannot Do

You need to let the parents know what activities you would appreciate your child not participating in while they are at the sleepover. Wrestling, jumping on a trampoline, and any contact sports where your child could get hit in the mouth during play should be avoided.

Be Sure to Specify How Your Child Should Clean Their Braces

It is important to let the parents know that your child knows how to clean their teeth on their own with the braces on them. It is important to specify that they need to brush after every meal to ensure that all stuck food can be removed from the braces quickly and easily.

Be Sure to Specify the Reasons Why You Need to be Contacted Right Away If Anything Goes Wrong

You also need to let the parents know that if a piece comes loose or a wire breaks, they need to contact you right away so that you can take your child to have it repaired quickly. Let them know that the damaged part of the braces could cut your child's mouth and cause them a lot of pain.

There are many parents who do not know the first thing about braces because they did not have them when they were younger and their child does not have them. Informing the parents of the ins and outs of braces care will better your chances of your child returning home without any issues with their braces. For more tips, talk to a dentist like those at Accent On Dentistry - Rowena R Martir DMD.