Dental Crowns: What’s At Stake For Child If You Choose To Wait

Are you a parent whose child has received a recommendation for dental crowns? If so, you may feel perplexed about the recommendation. You may even wonder if there are risks associated with you refusing the dental advice. The following are a few points that should calm any concerns you have about this important recommendation from your dentist.

Tooth Loss

If you decide not to follow the recommendation, your child's tooth will likely continue to deteriorate. Crowns can only be affixed to teeth that have enough structure for them to stay attached to. The crown will cover the damaged portion of teeth and act as a shield to protect it against further damage. If your child's tooth decays further, tooth loss might occur due to the affected tooth falling out on its own. A time may also come when the dentist has no choice but to extract the tooth due to its condition.


Decaying teeth that are not protected by dental solutions such as crowns and fillings are susceptible to infection. Some tooth infections are severe enough to cause sickness. The bacteria from infected teeth may form a pustule that is referred to as an abscess. It is possible for the bacteria to enter the bloodstream and cause health issues. Another consequence is an emergency tooth extraction due to medical necessity.


If your child has to have their tooth extracted due to not getting the crown installed in time, there will be a space left behind by the missing tooth that can create additional dental issues. The force of chewing foods over time could cause their teeth to shift and make their teeth crooked. 


Perhaps you are thinking that if your child loses a tooth, you can seek a solution such as a dental implant. Unfortunately, your child's jawbone is likely still developing, which would make dental implants an unlikely option. This might be recommended as a future solution when your child's jawbone is completely developed. This is why it is best to salvage the tooth with a crown while you have the option to do so.


Your child might be teased if they have to get their tooth extracted and go through a few years of having a missing tooth, especially if the gap is at the front of their mouth. Teasing might occur from their peers. Your child might also be ashamed of their smile. These are all things that can distract children from living up to their full potential. 

Dental crowns are generally constructed of metal. There are some metal options that are tooth-colored. There are also porcelain crowns. These are discreet options for crowns that can protect your child's smile, dental health, and self-esteem.