Family Caregiving And Dental Pain: 4 Ways To Help Dad Choose Between An Extraction Vs. A Root Canal

There is nothing worse than watching your loved one deal with the excruciating symptoms of an infected or dying tooth. Yet, prompt care and treatment will quickly ends the discomfort. While your dad might be tempted to just get his tooth yanked, his specialist may recommend other options, such as root canal treatment. As your dad weighs his options, you can use these strategies to help him make his decision.

Consider the Long-Term Benefits

Tooth extractions are often considered the fast way to get relief, yet your dad may not realize that missing a tooth can lead to even more problems later on, such as difficulty eating. For instance, failing to replace the missing tooth could cause his other teeth to shift and experience unnecessary wear. This can lead to a need for more treatment down the road, whereas a root canal would allow the tooth to stay in place.

Find Out the True Cost

It is also common for people to choose a dental extraction because they fear the cost of a root canal. Unfortunately, this is often short-sighted, since an extraction eventually leads to a need for expensive dentures or bridges. When only a single or couple of teeth are in need of major repair, a root canal is usually less expensive in the long run since a properly cared for crown can last for many years. If most of your dad's teeth are failing, then another option that can save money in the future is considering an extraction followed by implanted dentures that are more permanent than removable ones.

Talk About the Recovery Time

It is also important to make sure that your dad has fully thought about the process for treatment and recovery time involved with both options. For instance, a root canal may take several visits, but most people can resume eating with care that same day. Alternatively, dental extractions can take longer to heal from, and your father may need to modify his diet and lifestyle during his recovery.

There are may dental issues that arise during the senior years, and your father may be struggling with problems such as gum disease or infections in the tooth that require prompt repair to restore his health. Since every person's best option depends upon their individual health needs, it is always best to have them consult with their dental professional as they work on making the right decision. To learn more about the available options, check out websites like