Why You May Need Dental Implant Restoration

Do you have dental implants placed in your jawbone? If so, it is important to know about the potential complications that can happen after the procedure is finished. Reaching out to a dentist for dental implant restoration is important if you want to maintain the implant over the years and avoid a very expensive repair down the road.

Loose Implant

An implant that has become loose is a sign that the dental implant is no longer integrated with your jawbone. Osseointegration is such an important part of the dental implant process, and unfortunately, that bond can become loose over the year.

A common problem behind a loose dental implant is an infection or gum disease. This can happen by ignoring your oral health and not brushing your teeth regularly. Your dentist can take steps to reverse the damage that has been done and stabilize the loose tooth. This is not a problem that will fix itself without some professional help.

Also, a toothache may be a precursor to a loose implant, as it is an early sign of infection. If you are experiencing a toothache in the area where your dental implant is installed, have this problem looked at by your dentist immediately. Fixing the problem early on catch an infection in its early stages, and will prevent a loose implant from occurring.

Fractured Implant

A dental implant is made of three separate parts. There is the titanium post that is installed into the jawbone, an abutment that screws into a post, and a crown that goes onto the abutment. If your implant is fractured, then nothing is wrong with the post or the abutment. It is just a problem with the dental crown that needs to be repaired.

Your dentist can look at the crown and figure out if repair or replacement is necessary. It is possible that the dentist just needs to perform dental bonding on the crown, which should give it enough strength to use it again. If the dental crown has been damaged beyond repair, you'll need to get a brand new crown installed. Thankfully, nothing about the implant in your jawbone needs to be replaced to do this.

These are just a couple of problems that can happen once your dental implant is installed. If you are experiencing another problem in the area of the implant, reach out to your dentist for help with professional dental implant restoration. For more information on dental implants, you can discover more here!