How To Get The Gap Between Your Teeth Fixed Without Braces

Feelings on gaps between teeth vary depending on who you ask. Tooth gaps can become an iconic look, like they are for Madonna and Mike Tyson. However, not everyone likes them or wants to have them. Braces can correct the gaps between teeth, but if your overall problem is just a simple gap, a cosmetic fix can repair your appearance just as well. Read on to discover the alternative to braces when it comes to fixing gaps between teeth.

Drawbacks of Braces

There's no argument: braces are the best way to repair the alignment of teeth. Unfortunately, they can take a long time to achieve results. Although it depends on your personal needs, adults can expect to wear braces for up to 24 months before they're ready to be taken off. That's a long time for a simple cosmetic issue! If you know that your teeth look good and your bite doesn't have any serious problems, you can get your gapped teeth easily improved with the help of a cosmetic dentist.


The tool in question is called a dental veneer. Rather than changing the alignment of your teeth and forcibly moving them around, veneers stand in front of your teeth and change the way that they look.

Dental veneers are made out of porcelain, like most dental corrections, like fillings and crowns. However, dental veneers are designed to be purely cosmetic fixes. They take on the appearance of perfect teeth, both in color and in shape. Most importantly, they can make your teeth look like there's only a normal-sized gap between them, rather than a large unsightly one.

Installation Process

If you want to get veneers, the first thing you'll need to do is to see a cosmetic dentist. They will analyze your smile deficits, take a look at your oral health, and discuss what it is you want to be changed.

If gaps are your only concern, your dentist will order veneers that will be adhered to your teeth. These veneers will slightly change how big your teeth look so they can bridge the gap with veneers. Your gap will disappear, and your teeth will look perfect.

If you have additional issues with your smile, like discolored teeth, dented, or broken teeth, or even teeth that aren't level with one another, your dentist can fix these problems with veneers too.

Overall, veneers are a great way to fine-tune the appearance of your smile without the time it takes to complete an orthodontic treatment. If you're tired of having gaps between your teeth, contact a cosmetic dentistry office to begin the process of getting veneers right away.