Factors That Encourage Dental Implants To Heal Fast

Some dental implants heal fast, some take a relatively long time to heal, and a small number even fail. Multiple factors determine which route your dental implant takes. Here are some of the factors that will encourage your dental implant to heal quickly.

You Have Adequate Jawbone

There needs to be adequate jawbone mass and density. This is because the implant is inserted into your jawbone where it integrates with the bone tissues and strengthens as it heals. Without adequate bone, your implant won't have anything to anchor it and it may be weak.

You Have Healthy Oral Tissues

The probability of your dental implant success as well as its rate of healing are also affected by the overall health of your oral tissues. This is because the insertion of a dental implant involves drilling into your jawbone, which damages your natural tissues. This means if you have an oral health issue, such as gum disease, it may take a longer time than usual for the implant site to heal.

You Don't Have A Health Problem That Affects Your Bones

Diseases that affect the bones or bone-healing mechanisms can also delay your implant healing process. Examples of diseases that may affect the bones include osteoporosis, arthritis, and diabetes, among others. It's even worse if you have one of these diseases and you have not been managing it religiously, for example, if you haven't been following your doctor's odors. However, you should expect a trouble-free healing period if you don't have such a disease.

You Practice Good Oral Hygiene

You shouldn't experience any oral health problem when your dental implant is healing. Gum disease or periodontal disease, for instance, can affect the implant and delay its integration to your jawbone. Since good oral or dental hygiene is the single best way to prevent oral or dental problems, you have a high chance of success with your implant if you regularly brush and clean your teeth as required.

You Have No Problem Following Instructions

Lastly, your dental implant treatment will also heal in time if you are able to follow your dentist's instructions to the letter. For example, the dentist may describe for you the kinds of food you should avoid when your implant is healing or the activities you should avoid during the healing process. Following such instructions may be key to the implant healing.

Hopefully, you won't have any complications with your dental implant and it will heal fast. Talk to your dentist for further measures that may help with the healing.