Typical Applications Of Dental No-Prep Veneers

Conventional veneers require moderate teeth preparation, for example, by removing some parts of the enamel to improve veneer. The preparation sometimes creates further problems, such as by introducing or increasing teeth sensitivity. Fortunately, there are no-prep veneers that require minimal or no teeth preparation. Here are some of the typical applications for these no-prep veneers.

Bulking Up Teeth

Many people consider it aesthetically unappealing to have unusually short or small teeth. This is particularly true if only one or a few teeth are unusually small and the rest are normal size. In such a case, you can get no-prep veneers treatment for the affected teeth so that they attain the same size as the rest of the teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Most people know that dental bleaching is the premier way of whitening discolored teeth. This is true, yes, but it isn't the only way; you can also make your teeth whiter by covering them up with no-prep veneers of the color shade you want. In fact, there are conditions in which this treatment may be preferable to bleaching. For example, it may be best for you to get no-prep veneers treatment if your teeth are hypersensitive (bleaching may worsen that condition) or if your discoloration is intrinsic and cannot be bleached away.

Dental Alignment

What comes to your mind first if you are asked to name a dental treatment for correcting crooked teeth? You will probably answer orthodontics (braces), which is correct. Again, however, orthodontics is only one of the various options available for this problem. If your misalignment is relatively minor, then you can apply no-prep veneers to your teeth so that they appear straighter then they are. A huge advantage of this option is that it is relatively fast as compared to braces.

Repairing Damaged Teeth

It's also possible to use no-prep veneers to repair tooth damages such as cracks, breaks, or chips. In this case, the no-prep veneers material is used to cover up the defect so that it isn't visible if you smile. Since no-prep veneers are relatively thin, however, this treatment option only works for minor cracks or damages; serious teeth damages require alternative treatment.

Closing Minor Teeth Gap

Lastly, you can also use no-prep veneers to close spaces between your teeth. Note that such spaces may interfere with the quality of your speech, the quality of your smile, and even increase the risk of dental carries by trapping bits of food in your mouth. Again, no-prep veneers treatment can only close small gaps because the materials are thin to begin with.

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