Why More People Are Opting For Dental Implants Instead Of Dentures

Dentures used to be the go-to thing when it came to getting a total tooth extraction. However, with advancements being made in the dental field, more people are finding that dental implants are the way to go. If you suspect that a total tooth extraction is in your near future, you will want to begin thinking about which solution you will opt for when it comes time. To learn why more and more people are opting for implants, you will want to continue reading.

They Aren't Going To Fall Out While Eating

When wearing dentures, there is always the chance that they could come loose and fall out while you are trying to eat. This can be annoying and rather embarrassing if this happens when there are other people around, like when you are at a fancy restaurant. With implants, this is not something that you will ever have to worry about happening. That is because the false teeth are connected to screws which are screwed into your jaw bone. They are not going anywhere. 

They Are Easier To Care For

Dentures require a lot of care, such as nightly soaking. You can't wear them while you sleep, so you have to clean them and place them in a cup or container with an overnight soaking solution. If you accidentally drop your dentures while taking them out or putting them back in, they can easily break. You do not have to do any of that when you have dental implants. They always stay in your mouth, and you will brush them just like you would if they were your natural teeth.

One important thing to remember is that while a set of dentures may be covered by your dental insurance, dental implants are most likely not going to be covered. Therefore, you will want to discuss the cost of the implants with your dentist, who may offer a payment plan or a line of credit if you qualify. Since there are a few things to discuss and figure out, you will want to talk with your dentist about your ability to get dental implants as soon as possible, especially when you know that your natural teeth might not have a lot of life left in them. You want to be prepared for the next step so you do not find yourself without any teeth at all for longer than necessary.