Choosing Dental Implant Color? Why This Is Key Prior To Getting Implants

When you are considering getting dental implants, there are more than just a few things you should know. One of those things worth knowing is that you will need to select the color of your tooth implants prior to having the procedure. This may seem odd considering that teeth are white, right? On the contrary, teeth are only as white as your diet and hygiene habits or whitening kits make them. Ergo, your remaining natural teeth may not be white at all, but some varied shade of white to dark yellow. Here is more information about why you should choose the color of your implants before you get them. 

Implants Are Permanent

Short of a violent attack to your face or a gruesome car accident, implants are permanent. They will remain the color you choose for all your life, regardless of the coloration or discoloration of your natural teeth. The implants will not change color because they are made of a dental material that does not absorb food stains over time. That said, they will become more and more obvious the older you get and the more teeth you lose, or the more your teeth discolor with age. Choosing what color these implants remain is key to not becoming obvious to others around you every time you smile. 

Your Dentist Will Match the Implant Color to the Teeth You Currently Have If You Do Not Specify Otherwise

Say that your teeth are somewhat discolored from drinking a lot of colas and coffees. If you stopped drinking those drinks and started brushing even more, those teeth would change to a lighter shade in a few months. If you have your teeth professionally whitened, then those teeth would be even whiter. If you do not ask your dentist to make your implants whiter than the teeth you currently have to match the color of whitened teeth or cleaner teeth, then your implants will be yellower than your surrounding natural teeth if and when you whiten your teeth or change your diet and oral care routines. That is not exactly what you are hoping for, to be sure. 

You Want Whiter Implants

If you are replacing a larger number of missing teeth, especially those teeth that people would see when you smile, you probably want the whitest "teeth" you can get. If you do not ask for whiter implants, you may end up with implants that are not the whitest you can get. Most dentists will not do "day-glow" white implants unless a patient specifically requests implants that white. If that is what you are shooting for with your implants, make sure you ask for it to avoid disappointment later.