Choosing Dental Implant Color? Why This Is Key Prior To Getting Implants

When you are considering getting dental implants, there are more than just a few things you should know. One of those things worth knowing is that you will need to select the color of your tooth implants prior to having the procedure. This may seem odd considering that teeth are white, right? On the contrary, teeth are only as white as your diet and hygiene habits or whitening kits make them. Ergo, your remaining natural teeth may not be white at all, but some varied shade of white to dark yellow. Read More 

Conditions That May Require Treatment With A Root Canal Procedure

A root canal involves the removal of the pulp of a tooth. The pulp, which is the portion of tooth material that lies at the center of the tooth, includes the blood vessels and nerves of the tooth. Since the nerves transmit the sensation of pain, once the pulp becomes inflamed, a terrible toothache may ensue. During a root canal, the dentist drills a hole in the tooth and extracts the pulp. Read More 

Why More People Are Opting For Dental Implants Instead Of Dentures

Dentures used to be the go-to thing when it came to getting a total tooth extraction. However, with advancements being made in the dental field, more people are finding that dental implants are the way to go. If you suspect that a total tooth extraction is in your near future, you will want to begin thinking about which solution you will opt for when it comes time. To learn why more and more people are opting for implants, you will want to continue reading. Read More 

3 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Take Better Care Of Their Braces

When you have kids, you know just how difficult it can be to get them to take care of their favorite toys, let alone something like their braces. But because braces can be fairly expensive (and you want them to work), you need to make sure that your children are taking as good of care of their teeth as possible. To encourage them to have better habits, this article will list three different things that you can do. Read More 

Tips for Getting Used to Your New Dentures

Dentures enhance the appearance of your smile and can correct chewing and malocclusion problems. While most new denture wearers adapt to them quickly, it may take others a few weeks to get completely used to them. Here are some tips that will help you adapt to your new dentures so that you can fully enjoy the benefits they provide: Use Proper Stabilization Techniques Because dentures are not your natural teeth, they may feel like foreign objects inside your mouth. Read More