How Invisalign Braces Can Work For You

If you need to get braces to correct the positioning of your teeth, your dentist has probably referred you to an orthodontist. When you go to your first appointment, you may be overwhelmed to hear about the many choices available when it comes to braces. Consider using invisalign braces to correct the problem. Here is a description of how invisalign braces work and some of the benefits you would gain by using them.

How Are Invisalign Braces Made And How Do They Work?

When you first decide on Invisalign as your braces of choice, your orthodontist will take X-rays of your current tooth placement to upload to a computer program. The orthodontist will input information about where the final tooth placement of each tooth should be when the duration of wearing braces is over. From this information, the program will generate a series of photographs of where the teeth would be at two week intervals if they were to be moved a slight amount until finally ending in their proper positioning. 

These photographs will be used to create the braces that will slide right over your teeth. You will need to go in for a fitting to see how they feel on your teeth and then walk away and use them! You will need to switch out the invisalign braces every two weeks for the next set that was created from the model.

What Are The Benefits In Using Invisalign Over Other Types Of Braces?

You will not be spending as much time in the orthodontist's office as you would with other types of braces. You will not need to have your braces tightened, saving on appointment time and also saving your mouth from the pain associated with having it done. You will only need to go in once every two weeks. 

There are no rubber bands to lose or worry about coming off of your braces. The Invisalign braces are just two pieces; one for the top, one for the bottom.

Eating is not restricted in any way. When you have other types of braces, since the braces cannot be removed, you have a list of food items that are not allowed to be eaten because they can break your braces or can hurt you if you try to eat them. With Invisalign you simply remove your braces while you eat and reinsert when you are finished. You can take your braces out to brush your teeth, as well.

The main reason that people get Invisalign braces is because they are virtually undetectable. Many people will not realize you are wearing braces and they are so thin, that you may forget you are wearing them! For more information, contact a company like Southland Smiles, Ltd.