Caring For Your Dentures The Way You Should

When you get dentures, you want to take good care of them. If you don't take extra steps to keep them in good condition, then you run the risk of them getting worn out faster, breaking or not fitting properly anymore. The steps you can take to care for them are easy and you can learn about them in this article. Cleaning your dentures properly You should clean your dentures every day in the right manner. Read More 

Care Tips For After Dental Crown Installation

If you are having a dental crown installed and are worried about how to promote healing and prevent pain, then you are certainly not alone. The good news is that there are some simple things you can do to relieve any pain you experience and help your gums to recover from the procedure. Follow these tips after your dental crown installation to heal pain-free: Brush with a Soft Toothbrush Only Read More 

5 Tips For Protecting Your Toddler’s Teeth Against Sugary Foods

Rewarding your toddler with cookies, pastries, and other sweets are good ways to balance out the not so popular foods like vegetables. However, sugar foods can wreak havoc on teeth that are not properly taken care of. It is a good idea to address this problem with your toddler at a young age to avoid encountering this problem in adulthood. Luckily, there are a few tips you can use to ensure that your toddler's teeth are protected against sugary foods. Read More 

Dealing With A Gap? 2 Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions That Don’t Involve Braces

Do you hate staring at that unsightly gap between your two front teeth? In addition to making your smile look disjointed, that gap might also be a magnet for food grime and may create a whistling noise when you talk. If you can't stand the idea of full-blown adult braces, you might be tempted to live with your imperfection forever. Fortunately, your dentist might be able to offer these two solutions that don't involve braces: Read More 

9 Dental Implant Facts That Might Surprise You

The popularity of dental procedures using some type of implant has grown steadily over the past decade. Patients enjoy the fact that most dental implants provide long lasting replacements for missing or damaged teeth, while looking and feeling much like the natural teeth they replace. If you are considering having this type of procedure performed in the future, the following toothy trivia will give you some fun facts that you can use to quiz your family and friends, or maybe even your dentist. Read More