Answers To Important Root Canal Questions

Do you have a severe cavity? Has your dentist already told you that you'll probably need a root canal? Root canals are often feared, but you may not even know what's involved in getting a root canal. But knowing the answers to questions you may have can help you feel better about the procedure. Some things you may be wondering include: Can't the dentist simply pull the tooth? This can be an option as well, depending on the state of decay and the location of the tooth. Read More 

Three Things Dentists Can Spot In The Mouths Of Foster Care Children Which May Be Important To You

As a foster care parent, it becomes your responsibility to give children a better life, even if for a short time. This includes nutritious food, healthcare, clean clothes and good oral and dental care. If you take your foster children to children's dental care specialists, you may even be able to discover some things about their lives you did not know before. Dental care specialists can spot some important details about these children's lives prior to their arrival on your doorstep, and it may be important for you to know these things so you can help your foster children. Read More 

Why Do You Need To Eat A Soft Diet After Dental Implants?

If you're about to get dental implants on one side of your mouth, you might wonder why you have to be on a soft diet for an extended time after the surgery. After all, half of your mouth is going to be untouched, so those teeth should be able to handle harder foods like apples and carrots, right? Being on a soft diet is not just about the food hitting the teeth directly as you chew. Read More 

Pros And Cons Of 3 Different Types Of Dental Implants

Traditional dental implants have a screw-shaped metal root that the general dentist inserts into a hole drilled in your jawbone. The system ensures that the healing jawbone has plenty of surface area to cling to as the bone fuses around the root to hold the dental replacement firmly in place. But the screw-shaped root isn't the only type of dental implant available. Here are the three main types of dental implants, the pros and cons of each kind, and why you might want to discuss these options with your general dentist or cosmetic dentistry office. Read More 

Start Early: 4 Tips To Help Your Baby Develop Strong, Healthy Teeth

If you have a baby, the time to start proper dental care is before their first tooth erupts. You might not realize this but even toddlers can develop tooth decay. Unfortunately, without proper treatment, toddler tooth decay can lead to premature tooth loss of your baby's primary teeth. Luckily, there are some steps you can take to safeguard your baby's delicate teeth. Here are four tips for preventing tooth decay in your baby's teeth. Read More