Aloe Vera & Neem: Natural Gel Paste To Help Heal Gingivitis

You can assist your dentist with your battle with gingivitis. You should consider adding a natural dental paste to your oral regimen. The helpful paste contains two ingredients: aloe vera gel and neem powder. The aforementioned ingredients will help heal your gum infection: Neem & Aloe Vera are Powerful Ingredients Neem comes from the neem tree. It has been used in India for oral health, but also for physical health as well. Read More 

Light ‘Em Up! How To Naturally Whiten Stained Teeth

Your pearly whites are affected by every substance that you put in your mouth. Over the course of the years, your teeth may become stained by the things you eat and drink. Following are some tips on what can stain your teeth and how to whiten your teeth naturally. What Foods and Beverages Can Stain Your Teeth? Any dark-colored substance, especially if it is a liquid, may cause staining if consumed on a regular basis. Read More