Oral Health is a Family Affair

Why Do You Have Bad Breath?

It's frustrating to know that your breath smells less than pleasant, especially if you've been careful about brushing your teeth each day. You might think that you have to constantly chew gum or breath mints to help your breath, but luckily that's untrue. There are many causes of halitosis (bad breath) that can be addressed, such as those below. Dehydration Most people don't drink as much clean water as they should be. Read More 

Family Caregiving And Dental Pain: 4 Ways To Help Dad Choose Between An Extraction Vs. A Root Canal

There is nothing worse than watching your loved one deal with the excruciating symptoms of an infected or dying tooth. Yet, prompt care and treatment will quickly ends the discomfort. While your dad might be tempted to just get his tooth yanked, his specialist may recommend other options, such as root canal treatment. As your dad weighs his options, you can use these strategies to help him make his decision. Read More 

3 Benefits Of Getting Invisalign

If you are not happy with the way that your teeth look, then one of the best ways to fix this is going to be with braces. However, if you don't want to get your traditional metal braces and brackets, you will be happy to know that you have other options. One great option is instead getting Invisalign braces. These braces are made of hard, clear plastic, and they are going to go over the top of your teeth. Read More 

A Checklist to Use Before You Send Your Child to a Sleepover When They Have Braces

Children are getting braces on their teeth at young ages. The braces are designed to help fix an issue that they have with their smile, but they have to be properly cared for if they are going to work as effectively as they can. While you and your child may be very diligent about taking the proper approach to their braces when your child is at your home, there are times when they may go to a friend's house to spend the night. Read More 

Dental Crowns: What’s At Stake For Child If You Choose To Wait

Are you a parent whose child has received a recommendation for dental crowns? If so, you may feel perplexed about the recommendation. You may even wonder if there are risks associated with you refusing the dental advice. The following are a few points that should calm any concerns you have about this important recommendation from your dentist. Tooth Loss If you decide not to follow the recommendation, your child's tooth will likely continue to deteriorate. Read More