Oral Health is a Family Affair

Trouble With Your Dental Implants? Easy Ways To Cope

No doubt about it, dental implants have revolutionized the way we deal with lost teeth. Not only is having a complete smile key for appearance purposes, but missing teeth can jeopardize the health of the entire mouth. Dental implants are usually worry-free, but a condition known as peri-implantitis might flare up in your mouth. To find out more, read below. How Does Peri-implantitis Present? This type of gum inflammation begins the way almost all do and the signs can easily be missed. Read More 

Reasons To Have A Designated Family Dental Clinic

Having a designated family dental clinic ensures your entire family's oral health is catered to. Children naturally have different dental needs than adults, so it helps to have one place where all family members can be taken care of. Individuals of different ages will access orthodontic services, gum therapy, regular dental cleaning, and all other services in between. This article will highlight reasons why you should consider going to a designated family dental clinic. Read More 

Does Your Dental Implant Need Some Overnight Protection?

Dental implants are an investment. There's the financial cost, and the fact that the implant requires surgery, recovery time, and diligence while the implant is being incorporated into your jaw (which is a mechanism known as osseointegration). If you're informed that your dental implant might require some form of protection, it's in your best interests to follow this advice. Fortunately, this protection doesn't require much effort on your part, and you can literally do it in your sleep. Read More 

4 Incredible Benefits Of Dental Implants You Don’t Want To Miss

You can lose your teeth due to oral trauma, normal aging, or dental infections. When the milk is already spilled, you will have no other choice but replace the missing tooth. The longer you wait to find a replacement, the more you risk losing more teeth. The dental care industry has come a long way to provide effective teeth replacements after teeth loss. Dental implant treatments are some of the most preferred and popular remedies for tooth loss. Read More 

Common Preparation Tips To Follow Prior To Oral Surgery

If you are scheduled to have some type of oral surgery done — such as if you need to have impacted wisdom teeth removed or if you are having surgery done for TMJ — then it's probably important to you for everything to go well during the procedure. The primary thing that you can do to prepare yourself and ensure that things go well is to talk to your oral surgeon and to follow their advice. Read More