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Choosing Between Veneers And Dental Bonding

Veneers and dental bonding are two common methods for repairing discoloration, misshapen or cracked teeth, and other cosmetic flaws of the teeth. Which of these methods is best to meet your dental needs will depend on a few factors. Here is a comparison of veneers and dental bonding to help you make an informed decision. Appearance While veneers and dental bonding can be used to repair similar problems with the teeth, these restorative techniques are very different in both composition and application to the teeth. Read More 

When Cold Season Rolls In, Follow These Tips To Protect Your Teeth

When the weather gets colder, people everywhere start looking forward to the holidays and dreading the onset of cold season. Typically, colds are thought of being temporary maladies that leave you feeling pretty miserable but don't have long-term consequences. However, some of the practices people adhere to when they are sick can have lasting negative consequences on their dental health. Follow these tips to make sure cold season does not sabotage your teeth and gums. Read More 

What You Should Avoid To Protect Your Teeth During The Holidays

If you take full advantage of the holiday season or tend to go all out for parties and gatherings, there are some precautions you should remember when it comes to protecting your teeth. You might forget warnings from your dentist when there are plenty of treats around or stress levels are up. Here are four things to avoid when it comes to your teeth, especially during the holiday season. 1. Loading Up on Candies Read More 

How Your Daily Cuppa Joe Affects Your Oral Health

It wakes you up. It gets you going. It soothes you when you're feeling angry or sad. Coffee is an enjoyable beverage, but drinking it too often may not be the best choice for your oral health. Here's a look at several ways in which coffee affects your teeth and gums.  Enamel Erosion Coffee is acidic by nature. The acid it contains can weaken tooth enamel, the outer layer of your teeth, making you more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay over time. Read More 

Caring For Your Dentures The Way You Should

When you get dentures, you want to take good care of them. If you don't take extra steps to keep them in good condition, then you run the risk of them getting worn out faster, breaking or not fitting properly anymore. The steps you can take to care for them are easy and you can learn about them in this article. Cleaning your dentures properly You should clean your dentures every day in the right manner. Read More